Alan Hostetter Director of Photography
Alan Hostetter Director of Photography



J. Alan Hostetter
400 East 9th Street #2C
New York, NY 10009
office/cell: 917-328-1179

Experience as Director of Photography/Camera Operator:

2004-13 Interviews w/Candace Bergen, Latoya Jackson, Katherine Bigalow, Rudy Giuliani, Lou Gossett Jr., Al Roker, Whoopi Goldberg, Kate Bosworth, Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Oliver Stone, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Reese Witherspoon, Kevin James, Rosario Dawson, Tony Danza, Kathy Ireland, Scarlett Johansson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Spike Lee, Donna Karan, Tory Burch, Terrance Howard, Crosby & Nash, Jackson Browne, Duran Duran, INXS, Blondie for STARZ, etc.
2014 "Macy's Music Video" and performers on green screen, Scott Worthington, Pr
Medical Webinars for Cut & Paste Productions, Tim Donovan, Prod.
Alliance Bernstein quarterly financial reports, Tiffany Lam, Prod.
2013 "R Gettysburg" songs from the musical, Prod/Wri/Dir/DP/Ed
"Santa Claus Ain't Coming To Town" Jim Breuer mus vid; Dan Marracino DP
"YouTube Music Awards" red carpet; Clevver Media
"Best Week Ever"--DP, VH1 Comedy Series
"Bad Day"--DP, Indy Crime Drama, Jean Michel Baptiste, Actor, Wr, Pr.
Alliance Bernstein Corporate Videos--DP, Tiffany Lam, Pr.
"Daily Love"--Cam Op, Yoga Seminar Video Promo, Aaron Dorr, Pr.
Folk Music Video--DP/Prod/Dir/Ed: "Hurt Me Back"w/Kathy Lynch; Farm Boy
"The Passion of Miss Augusta" -DP, HD, Augusta Evans feature, Bob Clem, Pr.
APAP Convention Coverage--DP, Roseanne Cash, Speaker
2012 "2 Shot"--DP/Co-Prod: PBS Movie Review Pilot, Bob Clem, Marlene Canty, Pr.
"A History of Evergreen Cemetery"--DP, HD, Brian Kennell, Prod/Dir/Ed
"Atlas Shrugged 2"--2nd Unit DP, John Putch, Prod/Dir., Putch Films
"ABC Affiliates" Video -DP, SD, Ed Aaronson, Prod/Dir/Editor
"Natalie Peyser Acting Reel" Video -DP, HD, Michael Intile, Prod/Dir/Editor
"Trucker Hunters"--Cam Op; History Channel Reality Series
Rap Videos--DP, HD, Better Days/Nat Prinzi Prod/Dir/Editor w/Anthem,Yonas
"Earth School Math" Prod/DP/Ed; Educational videos on math instruction.
2011 "Hellcat" Promos -Prod/Dir/DP/Editor, from Hellcat, Farm Boy**
"Can't Dance" -DP-HiDef, award-winning comedy short; Rick Uhlig, Wri/Dir
"Global Initiative Awards"--Cam Op; Bill Clinton, Speaker
2009-11 "The Jefferson County Sound" -DP-SD, Alabama Gospel doc, Waterfront
2008 "Eugene Walter: Last of the Bohemians"-DP-SD, Alabama doc, Waterfront
"Malbis: From Greece To America"-DP-SD, Alabama/Greece doc* Waterfront
"Company K"-DP-Super 16; WWI combat feature, Bob Clem Pr/Dir* Waterfront
"The Stoned" and "Warrior Soul" metal videos-DP-HiDef, Adam Dubin Pr/Dir**
2007 "In The Wake Of The Assassins"-DP-SD, Alabama Gov doc, Waterfront*
"Alive Day"-Light Designer-HD, HBO doc w/James Gandolfini, AttaBoy
2006 "Searching For Truth"-DP-HD PBS Interview Series, Peter Getzels, Prod/Dir

Experience as Gaffer (in addition to the above):

2013 Cast Interviews for PBS and Masterpiece "Downton Abbey" John Kelleran DP
"Helmsford BBQ Invitational," Interviews with chefs Todd Broder, Prod
2012 Cast Interviews for PBS and Masterpiece "Downton Abbey" Daniel Leeb, DP
"Harry Winston Jewelry" Table Top; Dejan Georgevich, DP; Nat Prinzi, Pr.
"Dogs In The City" Reality Show, ABC; Christian Mack, DP
Dance Marathon Pilot for ABC; John Kelleran, DP, Todd Broder, Pr.
Vios spots w/DP: Maryse Alberti; DirecTV spots w/DP Frank Prinzi
2011 "London, Paris, New York" Alexa, Bollywood feature, Sameer Arya, DP
2006-11 "WCBS" On-Air Promos, Red, Bruce Bauer, Producer, Erich Bauer, DP
2010 "Crackers" -Super16, short, Michael Latino DP, w/Vincent D'Onofrio
Eliot Spitzer Documentary Pilot, PBS; Paul Gibson DP
2009 "Don't Go In The Woods"-Super16, Mike Latino DP, w/Eric Bogosian
2008 "The New Tenants"-Super35, 2010 Oscar-winning short film; Pavel Edelman DP
2003-7 "Power, Privilege & Justice"-SD Wraparounds w/Dom Dunne, John Taggart DP
2004-11 "Saturday Night Live Anthology"-HDTV Interviews for NBC; Teo Maniachi DP
2004 W Magazine Pictoral Story w/ Julianne Moore; Michel Gondry, Photog/Wri/Dir
2002 "The Secretary"(reshoot only)-35mm Comedy; John Foster DP; w/James Spader
"Happy Here & Now"(reshoot only)-35mm Comedy; Jon Herron DP
2000 "The Next Big Thing"-35mm Comedy; Oliver Bokelberg DP; w/Chris Eigemann
1999 "15 Moments"(NYC only)-35mm Satire; Guy Defaux DP; w/Dan Aykroyd
"Hamlet 2000" (reshoot only)-35mm Drama; Jon Herron DP; w/Ethan Hawke
1998 "The Prince of Central Park"-35mm Dramedy;Jon Herron DP;w/Kathleen Turner
"The Last Groove"-35mm Experimental Short;Claudia Raschke DP;w/John Seitz
1997 "The Florentine"-35mm Drama; Steve Kazmierski DP; w/Chris Penn, Luke Perry
"Frogs For Snakes"-35mm Satire; Enrique Chediak DP; w/Barbara Hershey
1996 "The Lottery"-35mm NBC M-O-V; Rick Maguire DP; w/M. Emmet Walsh
"Myth Of Fingerprints"-35mm Dramedy;Steve Kazmierski DP;w/Julianne Moore
"Country Justice"-35mm CBS M-O-W; Richard Leiterman DP;w/George C. Scott
1995 "No Way Home"-35mm Drama; Claudia Raschke DP; w/Tim Roth
"The Grave"-35mm Noir; Frank Prinzi DP; w/Craig Scheffer, Eric Roberts
1994 "Sex & The Other Man"-35mm Dramedy; Frank Prinzi DP; w/Stanley Tucci
"Living In Oblivion"-35mm Comedy; Frank Prinzi DP; w/Steve Buscemi


1982 MFA, Film and Television, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, NYC.
1975 BFA, English, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI.
BFA, Telecommunications, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI
1971 High School Diploma, Gettysburg Area Schools, Gettysburg PA
2013 Substitute Professor, Cinema 101, Hudson River Comm. College, Jersey City NJ
1995 Teaching Assistant/Lighting, Rockport Photographic Workshops, Rockport ME

Other Experience:

2008-2014 Owner/Farm Boy Productions LLC, a full service provider of equipment
and crew services for video, television, film and event productions.
2010 Screenwriter of "Hellcat" adapted from my novel
2008 Self-published the thriller novel Hellcat: a Joe Sterner Mystery
2000 Wrote a memoir When Travel Becomes Excessive
1995 Screenwriter of "Common Blood" adapted from my novel
1993 Wrote a historical novel Common Blood, about Hitler and his niece
1997 Screenwriter of "Ironclad" a Civil War action/adventure/romance
1984-2014 Freelance Director of Photography, camera operator, gaffer and grip
1983-84 Secretary, Senior VP Marketing, Paramount Pictures, NYC
* featured on DVD reel
** featured on website only (