Alan Hostetter Director of Photography
Alan Hostetter Director of Photography
The 24th dayCompany KThe 24th dayCompany K
The 24th dayThe 24th dayThe 24th dayCompany K

Films by Alan Hostetter

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"The Passion of Miss Augusta"
Trailer for upcoming feature film by Robert Clem combining the life of 19th century American author Augusta Jane Evans with the story of her best-selling novel St. Elmo (1866).

Director of Photography Alan Hostetter has shot in all formats, including high definition, PAL DV-Cam, 35mm film, Super 16, and mini-DV on low-budget non-Union independent films. As cinematographer, he's shot NTSC, SECAM, PAL video as a lighting cameraman. He's shot 24p and 30p on cameras 720i and 1040i, and on film stocks ranging from Kodak Vision stock to high contrast stock for shooting titles for Spike Lee. He has worked as a gaffer and grip and owns his own lighting and grip package, as well as a Seven jib and Glidecam and sled dolly with track. He's adept at shooting with the Sony Z1U, DVX 100 as well as Aaton and Arri film cameras. He owns his own Arri 2B and Eyemo cameras for 35mm. His film credits include "The 24th Day" with James Marsden and Scott Speedman and Sophia Vergara. He is a fan of Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese, Francis Coppola and Orson Welles. His favorite cameramen are Greg Toland and Gordon Willis. As a screenwriter he is a fan of M. Night Shayamalan and Robert Towne. He also shoots digital still photography.